Maryland imam swept up in alleged ‘conspiracy’ to commit jihad

Charitable donations from mosque may have financed ‘arsenal’ in Detroit, other areas


Sebastian Gregorson, left, may have had help in purchasing an ‘arsenal’ of weapons by Maryland imam

The FBI is widening its probe into a Detroit Muslim who investigators now suspect was conspiring with a Maryland imam to acquire military-grade weapons and commit acts of jihad on behalf of ISIS.

The FBI is widening its probe into a Detroit Muslim who investigators now suspect was conspiring with a Maryland imam to acquire military-grade weapons and commit acts of jihad on behalf of ISIS.

WND reported Aug. 30 on the alleged “arsenal” found at the home of Sebastian Gregerson, a convert to Islam who now goes by the name Abdurrahman Bin Mikaayl.

The Detroit News reported a new twist in the story Thursday, that Gregerson likely did not act alone. He allegedly had help from an imam who specializes in Shariah law. That imam, Suleiman Bengharsa of Clarksburg, Maryland, may have used donations from his mosque to help finance Gregerson’s purchase of grenades, two AK-47s, seven rifles, tactical knives, a shotgun and thousands of rounds of ammunition.


Promoting Shariah law in U.S.

Bengharsa is founder and director of the Islamic Jurisprudence Center, an independent legal resource center near Baltimore that promotes understanding of Shariah law.

The center has issued several fatwas, or religious edicts, including one calling supporters of the Council on American-Islamic Relations disbelievers and traitors to Allah, the News reports.

“(Islamic Jurisprudence Center) management firmly believes and propagates that Islamic law is divine law, and therefore, unequivocally superior to man-made laws,” according to the center’s website.

“He actually presents himself as a Shariah-compliant imam but he is using taqiyya, a defensive response, when questioned by the newspaper,” Haney told WND. “He responds to the allegations, saying it’s ridiculous, that it feels like McCarthyism, pushing it on us, he’s the victim, an innocent victim, and we are the oppressors.

“It’s a wonderful arrangement,” Haney added, and a favorite tactic of the Muslim Brotherhood. “Victims are never responsible for anything they do. And that’s exactly what the imam’s position is: ‘We’re not at fault, they’re persecuting us, we’re the victims.’

The imam said “if that’s what this country has come to,” he’d rather be in jail.

“This is how bold they are now,” Haney said. “He’s throwing it in our face that he’d rather go to jail.”

The imam is clearly well schooled in how to deploy classic Islamic deception while living in a non-Islamic society, Haney said.

There’s a passage, Quran 8:60, that Haney points to. It says, “prepare to strongly terrorize your enemy.”

That word “prepare” is also a main tenet of the Brotherhood.

Bengharsa has not been charged with a crime during the investigation, which is ongoing.

   Raising a Jihadi Generation“In the real world, evidence matters,” former FBI counter-terrorism specialist John Guandolo told WND.

“Yet another Islamic leader is found to be directly involved with jihad on behalf of some named jihadi group, all for the sake of Islam,” said Guandolo, founder of the website “He joins the ranks of Alamoudi, Awlaki, and so many others. And he does it all while laughing at us and throwing ‘McCarthyism’ in our face. Our leaders will probably apologize to him for executing the legal search warrant based on facts.”

Search warrant affidavits that revealed the focus on the imam were briefly unsealed in federal court in Detroit this week and obtained by The News before a federal magistrate resealed them.

The affidavits show that FBI counterterrorism agents have spent months analyzing bank records, social media accounts, phone records, emails and messages involving Gregerson, 29, and the imam.

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Prayer breaks, headscarves, and time off – the rise of religious tension in the workplace

Group of people at work

According to an opinion poll carried out by the Randstad Institute and the Observatory for Religion in Companies (OFRE), two-thirds of French employers – 65 per cent – have noticed an ‘alarming’ rise in religious ‘demands’ at work.

The study concluded that religion has “imposed” itself in the workplace, and that having pious colleagues has become the norm.

Only 50 per cent of employers reported this trend in 2015, and only 44 per cent in 2014.

Although people of all faiths were interviewed, the study shows that most demands are being made by Muslims. The poll also showed that ostentatious displays of religion at work are no longer considered “taboo”.

It’s not just a question of bad attitude, these people are challenging the laws of the Republic

Lionel Honoré, OFRE

More than 90 per cent of the time, it concerns employees asking to wear the headscarf or the kippah to work, workers wanting to use their breaks to pray rather than smoke, shop, or eat, or people claiming time off in lieu to celebrate Sabbath or the Muslim festival of Eid.

Lionel Honoré, director of OFRE, said that even though religion rarely affected an employee’s performance at work, religious demands were the root cause of many tensions.

The poll shows that 48 per cent of French managers had been forced to make allowances for the religious faith of their workers, and that 14 per cent of the time, the religious demand led to tension and conflict: a rise of two per cent since 2015.

The poll shows that 48 per cent of French managers had been forced to make allowances for the religious faith of their workers, and that 14 per cent of the time, the religious demand led to tension and conflict: a rise of two per cent since 2015.

People at work

In an number of cases requests based on religious affairs have led to tension between employees

It also shows that most of the time, clashes are sparked by religious employees refusing to work alongside a female colleague, or asking to work with people who share their faith, and no one else.

A number of employers also reported that some religious workers had tried to “convert” their colleagues.

“Employers know how to differentiate between a radicalised employee and a pious one,” said Mr Honoré. But they need to make sure they do not let religion take over, and allow workers to impose their own religious ‘laws’ at work, he warned.

According to Mr Honoré, Muslim employees are even blackmailing their bosses and threatening to accuse them of Islamophobia if their religious demands are not met, and if they are not given appropriate times and places for prayer. 

“This has to be taken very seriously. It’s not just a question of bad attitude, these people are challenging the laws of the Republic,” he said.

The survey also showed that 80 per cent of French employees know their colleagues’ religion and that 82 per cent “didn’t mind” their religious colleagues.

The general malaise triggered by ostentatious displays of religion at work however, is on the rise: 18 per cent said religious displays at work made them feel “uncomfortable”, compared to just eight per cent in 2015.

Sydney Muslim psychologist ‘sympathetic’ towards teenage terrorists ‘advised young men attempting to join Islamic State to keep quiet about their plan’

  A Muslim psychologist who once said teenagers arrested on terrorism charges were just ‘acting out’ was allegedly aware of an Australian extremist heading to join IS.

Psychologist, Hanan Dover, (pictured on left) from Punchbowl in Sydney’s west, conversed with extremist preacher Robert ‘Musa’ Cerantonio  (pictured below) over the phone before he was caught leaving Australia by a fishing boat.

 The conversations which were intercepted by Australian Federal Police allegedly reveal discussions between the pair suggesting he wanted to leave to join the terrorist group, reported The Daily Telegraph.

‘The only advice I’ll give you, I thought about this last night, is the future that you want, if you are successful the people that you leave behind they will be under surveillance and just think about that,’ Ms Dover allegedly said in one of the intercepted conversations.

‘I’ll speak to you soon. My advice to you is to shhh …’ Cerantonio allegedly said.

‘Yeah, I just thought about that now. I know. I’m an idiot,’ Ms Dover allegedly replied.

The conversation which were tendered in court for Cerantonio’s case, spanned across five months.

Last November Cerantonio allegedly spoke to Ms Dover’s daughter to suggest she should live in a country with sharia law.

Cerantonio is also accused of confiding in Ms Dover during which he explained he had not heard from his teacher with the Islamic State because his vicinity was being bombed.

A week later he allegedly confided once again with Ms Dover explaining his teacher was alive but two friends were martyred.

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Obama Rushes to Admit 110,000 Refugees by Year’s End

800px-Barack_Obama_on_the_telephone_with_Hassan_Rouhani wiki media

President Obama once pledged to admit 100,000 refugees from around the world into the country by the end of 2016. Recently, he has decided that number was simply not enough, he has rushed the vetting process in order to admit another 10,000 refugees by the end of the year, with a majority of the new additions coming from Middle East nations. However, with an already inadequate vetting process now being accelerated, the chance of another terror attack on our soil due to President Obama’s reckless actions is higher than ever.

We need a leader who will focus on our safety above all others.

In October, FBI director James Comes admitted during a House Committee on Homeland Security hearing that “if someone has never made a ripple in the pond in Syria in a way that would get their identity or their interest reflected in our database, we can query our database until the cows come home, but there will be nothing show up because we have no record of them.”

Meaning that with ease, an individual eager to commit their first terror attack can move into the U.S. without any knowledge from government officials. Unfortunately, this is not a speculation or a far reaching theory of an action that might occur. One of the suicide bombers killing himself just outside of France’s national sports stadium in November, was posing as a Syrian refugee to gain access into Europe.

With President Obama’s increase in refugee admittances, this process is being sped up to even further submit our nation’s people to even more terrorist attacks. The Associated Press report of April 2016 cited Gina Kassem, the regional refugee coordinator at the U.S. Embassy in Amman, Jordan who noted that “while the resettlement process usually takes 18 to 24 months, the surge operation will reduce the time to three months.”

Making it even more difficult to properly vet the refugees entering the country.

Refugees NRD 600

Congress has attempted to combat this growing problem, however with pushback from Democrats and a constant veto threat from President Obama legislation has been weak at best. The House overwhelmingly passed the American Security Against Foreign Enemies Act of 2015 aimed at improving the vetting system, but the bill still neglects key security risks.

For example, the bill grants further screening for individuals coming from Iraq and Syria; ignoring U.S. Department of State data which also shows 3,858 visas come from Jordan, 2,008 visas come from Lebanon, 7,049 visas come from Iran, and many more nations known for having a presence of terror.

With an uncooperative White House, there is little possibility for a successful and adequate piece of legislation being produced.

Until Congress is able to negotiate legitimate vetting policy dealing with refugees, allowing them to enter the country uninhibited places substantial risk on all of the American people. It is not a matter of refusing to allow them to enter, it is a matter of ensuring that the individuals who do enter are coming to integrate into American culture not destroy it. Until then, what’s the rush?

As long as we have a President who believes in his sole ability to make this critical decision to admit tens of thousands of refugees despite backlash from both Congress and the FBI that admits the current screening process is flawed, the American people are not safe. We need a leader who will focus on our safety above all others.

Man pleads guilty in ISIS plot to behead conservative blogger

Man pleads guilty in ISIS plot to behead conservative blogger

BOSTON — A Rhode Island man charged with conspiring to help the Islamic State group has decided to plead guilty to charges he plotted with others to kill conservative blogger Pamela Geller.

Nicholas Rovinski is charged with conspiracy to provide material support to a terrorist organization and conspiracy to commit acts of terrorism transcending national boundaries.

Prosecutors say the Warwick man plotted with two Massachusetts men to behead Geller. She angered Muslims when she organized a Prophet Muhammad cartoon contest in 2015. The plot wasn’t carried out.

A document filed in court Tuesday says a change-of-plea hearing for Rovinski is scheduled for Thursday.

Rovinski’s lawyer said Rovinski was a vulnerable man who “fell deep into a rabbit hole of extremist ideology” but now renounces any sympathy for the IS group.

North Philly mom admits to planning to abandon kids for ISIS


A North Philadelphia mother of two admitted Tuesday that she planned to abandon her children and travel to Syria to pursue “martyrdom operations” with an ISIS fighter she married over the internet.

    Keonna Thomas, 32, pleaded guilty to attempting to provide material support to a terrorist organization during a brief hearing in federal court. She acknowledged her plans were derailed last year only when federal agents raided her home the day she was scheduled to leave the country.

I believe that I’m guilty of this charge,” said Thomas, dressed in a head scarf and green prison jumpsuit, when asked by U.S. District Judge Michael Baylson why she was changing her plea.

 Federal authorities had couched the case as the latest in a string of prosecutions to combat what they describe as a “more decentralized, more diffuse, more complicated” homegrown terror threat from U.S. citizens radicalized over the internet.
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‘Muslims Get Out’ Sign Isn’t Racist, Minn. Restaurant Owner Claims

Image: 'Muslims Get Out' Sign Isn't Racist, Minn. Restaurant Owner Claims

A Minnesota restaurant owner who put the words “Muslims get out” on a roadside sign insists his message is not racist, despite the backlash it’s received.

Protesters descended on Treats Family Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlor in Lonsdale Monday night after a weekend of terror saw stabbings at a mall in St. Cloud and bombings in New York and New Jersey, reported.

 But the restaurant owner, identified only as Dan, believes people are “taking it the wrong way,” regarding the message on the sign.

“I didn’t want to put ‘terrorist’ on the board, so we were going to put ‘Muslim extremist,’ but we didn’t have room on the board,” he told “People started taking it the wrong way and thinking we were against Muslims in general and we’re not, quite the opposite. We are not racist.”


“I am not talking about the Muslim population in general,” he told “I am talking about the Muslim extremists. I am sure there are far more good Muslims than there are bad, just like there is with any other race.”

bowl of M&M

The suspect in the St. Cloud stabbing was praised by an ISIS-linked news outlet as a “soldier of the Islamic State,” according to CNN, and investigators are still probing whether New York bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami had any direct ties to terror organizations.

 As for Dan’s sign, it stays for now. Lonsdale Mayor Tim Rud doesn’t approve of the message, but said it is “in compliance with city ordinances,” and he respects the business owner’s right to free speech, reported.

Sweden on the BRINK: Malmö in flames as vengeful thugs set cars alight

Image result for cars on fire

SHOCKING footage from Sweden shows police struggling to keep the deal on the unprecedented levels of crime as cars burn across Malmö.
More than 20 vehicles were set on fire in the southern city, which has been plagued by increasing levels of violence amid growing tensions.

The video shows chaos in Malmö as vandalism is only one of many incidents to have occurred as police crack down on organised crime.

Saturday saw Sweden’s third largest city suffer the worst surge of violence since July, with at least 70 cars burned out in less than three months.

Car of fire

On Sunday, fire fighters were called out to put of burning cars in nine locations at the same time, with a total of 11 vehicles being destroyed.

Police have said they believe the serial fires are “revenge” for a crackdown on organised crime in the city early last week.

Officer Erik Jansåker said: “This, in my opinion, is criminal people who are [lashing out] because of our efforts to [crack down] on the serious organised crime.”

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Iranian police put Afghan refugees inside cages, on public display

This is not the first time such actions have been taken against Afghan refugees by the Iranian government

By Reza Sher Mohammadi

Afghan refugees in Iran placed inside cages and put on public display by Iranian police
Afghan refugees in Iran placed inside cages and put on public display by Iranian police. (Photo: ISNA)

The police of Sheraz city, Iran, put a number of Afghan refugees on public display inside steel cages as part of the police’s achievements. This action drew strong reactions from everywhere. Afghan parliamentarians protested the action calling it against human rights, human dignity, and international law.

The police of Sheraz put an exhibition of the findings and achievements of its stations on Tuesday. Among alcoholic drinks, drugs, and other criminal cases, Afghan refugees were also displayed inside cages.

The photos quickly spread through social networking websites and drew strong reactions from people around the world, especially Afghans and Iranians.


Officials capture Afghan-born man sought in connection with New York, New Jersey bombings

Ahmad Khan Rahami, the man sought in connection with weekend bombings in New York and New Jersey, was taken into custody after a shootout with police on Monday morning, multiple law enforcement sources confirmed to Fox News.

Authorities had launched a dragnet earlier Monday in search of the 28-year-old Afghan-born man, whom they described as being “armed and dangerous”

An eyewitness to Rahami’s capture in Linden, NJ told Fox News that he saw a man walking down a street with a gun in his hand. A police car pulled up next to him and the man fired at the car 4-6 times. The shooter then began running down the street with several other police cars following him, the witness, Peter Bilinskas, said.

One officer was reported to have been shot during the encounter and another officer had a head injury, the Linden mayor’s office announced. The alleged shooter was also injured during the incident. Linden is about four miles from Elizabeth.

Rahami’s last known address was in Elizabeth, and the FBI had launched a raid at the apartment, located above a fried chicken restaurant, on Monday morning. Elizabeth is the city where investigators discovered five suspicious devices — one of which exploded while a bomb squad robot tried to disarm it — near a train station on Sunday night.

“Today I believe we’re going to find out that [the bombing] was influenced by foreign sources,” Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday on “Fox & Friends.”

Two U.S. officials told Reuters on Monday that the bomb plot likely involved several individuals, a revelation that came hours after federal authorities on Sunday night conducted a traffic stop in Brooklyn of a “vehicle of interest” in the bombings. A law enforcement source told Fox News that a “number of individuals” who are possibly connected to the explosions were taken into custody. At least five men were being questioned, The Associated Press reported.

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