Dutch cabinet backs partial Islamic burqa ban

It should all come down to public safety. Face covering is not only intimidating but threatening as well. Stop the face coverings in public!! Its a safety concern. -BBJ

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The Hague (AFP) - The Dutch cabinet on Friday approved a partial ban on wearing the face-covering Islamic veil, including in schools, hospitals and on public transport.

 There is no mention of covering of the face in the Koran. This a tribal and personal preference. A Muslim women can dress in whatever she wants as long she wears  modest clothing. A full burka is not required.  Women wear them for convenience, its simple and they don’t have to shower or shave. But, you do have your ultra conservatives out there that will disagree. My question to them is where is it mentioned in the Koran or Hadith? From all my readings and research it isn’t. -BBJ

 “Face-covering clothing will in future not be accepted in education and healthcare institutions, government buildings and on public transport,” the government said in a statement after the cabinet backed Interior Minister Ronald Plasterk’s bill.

The ban does not apply to wearing the burqa on the street, but only “in specific situations where it is essential for people to be seen” or for security reasons, Prime Minister Mark Rutte told journalists after the cabinet meeting.

People see a person coming at them in a burqa and say they can “live” with it. But if a KKK clansmen came at them in full gear….oh wouldn’t there be an uproar!! -BBJ

“The bill does not have any religious background,” Rutte said.

The government said it had “tried to find a balance between people’s freedom to wear the clothes they want and the importance of mutual and recognisable communication.”

A previous bill banning the burqa even on the street and dating from Rutte’s last government, which was supported by anti-Islam populist Geert Wilders, will be withdrawn.

It was agreed that a new bill would be drawn up by the coalition partners of Rutte’s Liberal VVD party and the Labour PvdA when they formed their coalition in 2012.

Those flouting the ban can be fined up to 405 euros (around $450).

State broadcaster NOS said that between 100 and 500 women in the Netherlands wear the burqa, most of them only occasionally.

Several European countries have introduced at least partial burqa bans despite accusations of restricting religious expression.

The Dutch government said it would send its draft law to the highest court in the Netherlands, the Council of State, for its opinion.

That opinion and the bill’s text will be made public when parliament begins debating the law at a date yet to be decided.

France introduced a ban on women wearing the burqa in 2010, resulting in a handful of arrests since then.

The European Court of Human Rights last year backed the French ban, rejecting arguments that outlawing full-face veils breaches religious freedom.

Under the French ban, women wearing full-face veils in public spaces can be fined up to 150 euros.

Belgium and some parts of Switzerland have followed France’s lead and similar bans have been considered in other European countries.

Attempts to enforce the legislation in France have however proved problematic and sometimes sparked confrontations.


Nigerian Muslim SAVAGES set court ablaze over ‘insult’ to Muhammad


KANO, Nigeria (AP) — Hundreds of rioting Muslims set a Shariah court ablaze Friday in Nigeria’s northern Kano city, protesting its decision to free a cleric accused of insulting the prophet Mohammed.

An AP reporter watched protesters throw blazing, fuel-filled tires into the building then start marching through streets to demand punishment for Malam Abdul Nyass.

Police monitored the crowd, which turned peaceful after the fire.

Nyass is accused of saying that the long-dead leader of the Tijanniyah sect is more powerful than the revered prophet Muhammad. Kano’s mainly Muslim population adheres in almost equal numbers to the Sunni and Tijanniyah sects of Islam.

Police arrested Nyass when Muslims threatened to kill him after the alleged insult. He appeared before the Shariah court but was apparently secretly freed and is in hiding.

Religion is the cause of much violence in Nigeria, but generally involves Christians and Muslims. A multinational force is curbing a nearly 6-year-old Islamic uprising by extremists who would impose Shariah law across Nigeria.

A moderate version of Shariah is practiced alongside Western-style justice in the mainly Muslim northern states.



Another episode in our series showcasing idiotic, brainless, inbred muslim clerics, and how they spew their insanity.

Libyan Cleric Boujela Justifies Beheadings and Body Mutilation “to Strike Terror in the Heart” of the Enemies

Here’s a good one. He talks of giving “invaders” 3 choices before getting beheaded. But he doesn’t say one word about Islamic Invaders that behead, rape , mutilate, burn the innocents they come upon.

What a hypocrite. But ….what can you do? THIS is Islam and THIS is another “Crazy Cleric”. – BBJ

Click below to watch this mooslum cleric spew his crap:


 Police: Yes, there ARE No-Go Zones in Sweden

The issue of whether there are No-Go Zones in Europe or not has been somewhat controversial, mainly because the term has not had a clear-cut definition when applied to civilian cities.

The original term is military lingo for hot areas controlled by the enemy, where it is suicidal to venture without sufficient firepower to match that of the enemy. This describes the situation of police officers pretty well; you have to enter the area in force or stay out, since a lone patrol car WILL be attacked.

Jacob Ekström is a police officer working in these areas. He has this to say in the latest issue of Forsking & Framsteg, the premier scientific journal in Sweden:

“The situation is slipping from our grasp,” he says about infamous enclaves Tensta and Rinkeby. “If we’re in pursuit of a vehicle, it can evade us by driving to certain neighborhoods where a lone patrol car simply cannot follow, because we’ll get pelted by rocks and even face riots. These are No-Go Zones. We simply can’t go there.”

The article goes on to chronicle the rapid rise in gun-related violence in a country that was essentially unarmed up until just 15 years ago, the evolution of criminal gangs and clans from the middle east as an alternative societal structure, and how the “exclusion areas” (i.e. ghettos) have grown from 3 in 1990 to 156 in 2006.

The reporter brought the status report by Ekström to Lars Korsell, researcher and head of the organized crime unit att the national crime prevention bureau.

“Yes, it is pretty sensational that there are enclaves where Swedish law no longer applies,” Korsell replied slowly and ponderously.

I encourage you to read the article in full using Google Translate or similar; it is sobering to get a comprehensive overview based on hard, solid facts and statistics.

Then there’s the religious interpretation of No-Go Zones. It is my understanding that parts of London, Paris and other major European cities with large muslim populations have a shadow justice system based on Shariah Law. Posted signs prohibiting alcohol, music, revealing women’s clothes etc. enforced by volunteers patrolling the streets, sometimes even wearing vests bearing the name “Shariah Police”.

When I wrote about the police report of 55 No-Go Zones last year, I was referring to the former. To the best of my knowledge, there are no Shariah patrols in Sweden. But there are several essentially lawless areas where the police concedes that they have indeed lost control. There are also a few areas that I’m not certain why they made the list, to be honest. Such as Täby; a well-to-do white enclave outside Stockholm that is hardly known for drive-by shootings. Still, the bulk of the list is accurate in my opinion.

Read More HERE

Majority Of Democrats Okay With Violating First Amendment


FAKE SIGNA poll released Wednesday by the online pollster YouGov has found that a plurality of the American public, as well as a majority of Democrats, support limiting the First Amendment to allow a ban on hate speech.

The poll, conducted from May 8-11, asked respondents whether they would support a law criminalizing “public comments intended to stir up hatred against a group based on such things as their race, gender, religion, ethnic origin, or sexual orientation.” Overall, 41 percent of Americans supported such a laws, while only 38 percent were opposed (22 percent were unsure).

Among those supporting a ban on hate speech were 51 percent of Democrats, as well as 37 percent of Republicans. The higher figure for Democrats was driven in large part by the attitudes of black and Hispanic respondents. Sixty-two percent of blacks favored a ban on hate speech, as did 50 percent of Hispanics. In contrast, only 36 percent of whites wanted a ban.

1st ammendment

YouGov found other significant demographic divides among respondents. Those age 69 or older were the most supportive of a hate speech ban, but they were followed by those aged 18-29, while those of intermediate age were more protective of free speech. Women and those earning under $40,000 a year were also more willing to ban hate speech.

A ban on hate speech, if it passes, would utterly violate the First Amendment as it is currently interpreted by U.S. courts. The Supreme Court has, among other things, upheld the legality of cross-burning and affirmed the right of the Westboro Baptist Church to picket funerals and other events with hateful signs. Even hate speech calling for violence is protected in U.S. law, as long as the advocacy is general rather than promoting immediate and specific action.

However, the U.S. is relatively exceptional even among democracies in its near-total lack of restrictions on offensive speech. YouGov’s write-up of the poll noted that in the United Kingdom, columnist Katie Hopkins has faced a police investigation for a column she wrote referring to African migrants to Europe as “cockroaches.” Comments of that nature may run afoul of British law prohibiting the incitement of “racial hatred.”

The poll also asked people for their views on other hate-related legislation. Overall, 56 percent of respondents endorsed the federal hate crime law requiring increased penalties for crimes motivated by hatred against a particular race, ethnic group, religion, or gender, and 51 percent favored a 2009 expansion of that law that added sexual orientation and gender identity as protected categories.

The poll was conducted with 1000 respondents and had a margin of error of plus or minus 3.9 percentage points.

Obama says U.S. not losing against ISIS

ObamaU.S. President Barack Obama has described the loss of key Iraqi territory to Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) as a tactical setback, while insisting the war against the jihadist group is not being lost.

“I don’t think we’re losing,” Obama said in an interview with news magazine The Atlantic published Thursday, days after the Iraqi city of Ramadi was overrun.

“There’s no doubt there was a tactical setback, although Ramadi had been vulnerable for a very long time,” he said.

Since August 2014, on Obama’s orders, a U.S.-led coalition has hit more than 6,000 targets in Iraq and Syria with airstrikes, with the aim of degrading the Islamic State group. laughing-emoticon-7

Obama has refused to return U.S. combat troops to Iraq, following a long brutal war after the overthrow of Saddam Hussein.

But the rout in Ramadi has called into question US strategy and the credibility of Iraq’s central government. jobs for ISIS

Obama blamed it on a lack of training and reinforcement of Iraq’s own security forces.

“They have been there essentially for a year without sufficient reinforcements,” he said.

“But it is indicative that the training of Iraqi security forces, the fortifications, the command-and-control systems are not happening fast enough in Anbar, in the Sunni parts of the country.”

Ramadi is in Iraq’s minority Sunni heartland, a short drive from the capital Baghdad.


Even with sustained U.S. airpower, many observers are skeptical the Iraqi army can win the war against the well trained and highly motivated ISIS.

Both Washington and Baghdad have reluctantly begun to advocate the use of ethnic and religious paramilitaries to bolster the fight.

The United States has pushed Iraq’s central government to enlist Sunni tribesmen in Ramadi’s Anbar province, something the Shiite-led government has been reluctant to do.

“There’s no doubt that in the Sunni area we’re going to have to ramp up not just training, but also commitment, and we better get Sunni tribes more activated than they currently have been.”

Ever wonder why so many unscreened Muslim refugees are suddenly flooding into Christian communities all around America?

By BI: Muslim Refugee Resettlement and the ‘Hijra’ (Muslim Immigration Jihad) to America is being facilitated by the OIC (Organization of Islamic Cooperation) and the UN. Thousands of Muslims, funded by the U.S. government, are being foisted on mainly Christian communities to the tune of billions of American taxpayer dollars every year. And we don’t even know who these people are.


See Refugee Resettlement Watch: Working with the OIC and UN, tens of thousands of unscreened Muslims from the Middle East, Africa, the Balkans, etc, are being brought in and funneled to American Christian communities by NGOs that are funded almost completely by the US Government through grants and contracts to these non-governmental agencies. Plans are now in the works to import upwards of 80,000 totally unscreened Syrian refugees over the next year or two.

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