David Gaubatz

Dear ISLAM (A Letter From Americans)
By Dave Gaubatz

23 Oct 2014
david gaubatz  Patriotic Americans are watching you, studying your actions, and daily they are becoming more and more aware of the evils of Islam. We are a very open and caring group of people. Often it takes us awhile to open our eyes because as a nation founded on Christian and Judaic values, we want to believe most people throughout the world are good, honest, and loving people. We now understand you are no good.
Although the eyes of our President, his staff, supporters, the vast majority of media personnel, senior law enforcement executives, and liberal Hollywood are blinded by the true reasons your Islamic terrorist organization commit atrocities, ‘True American Patriots’ have been awaken.
We fully understand you are carrying out what your founder (Mohammed) desired for you to carry out in the name of Islam. Patriotic Americans now realize the Islamic ideology is the true Satan of the world. For over 1400 years it has been spewing hatred and violence across our globe. We realize the world is dealing with rabid animals who must be put down. We know the only way to do this is to destroy the fabric of the dangerous Islamic ideology itself and to fight as Americans of past wars have fought.
We have over 22 million veterans, millions of other Americans, and friends like the people of Israel who will bond together to ‘annihilate’ you. We will not rely on Obama and his Islamic terrorist supporting advocates. Americans now realize there is a movement to destroy America from within, and it starts at the very top.
We will fight to close down every mosque in America, every non profit (IRS supported) Islamic organization, and to abolish the satanic framework of Islam. Americans are now realizing mosques are the breeding grounds for hatred and violence, and each one and it’s people desire to see Israel and America destroyed, and to one day dominate the world with Islamic satanic values.
There have been Americans who for years have studied the mosque structure. Only about 25% of the people who identify with Islam attend the mosques as Mohammed demanded. The other 75% are shunning Islam because they know what it stands for. They know there is no mosque leader who desires to go against any aspect of Sharia law. The basic fundamentals of Islam demand the Jews, Christians, and people who do not accept all of Sharia law should be killed. We know this isn’t some radical thought by a few Muslim people. We know it is what Islam teaches from the very day a child is born into Islam.
Americans fully understand Islam destroys the hearts and souls of Muslim women and children. The vast majority of this group only remain with the Islamic faith because they have been threatened with death if they leave the cult of Islam.
Americans now know that anyone who accepts and advocates for Shariah law in it’s entirety as Islam dictates, are ‘Pure Muslims’ who practice Islam like Mohammed dictated. We know there are millions of people who identify with Islam only because of fear, and they do not have the feeling in their heart to practice this evil doctrine. The world calls them ‘moderates, but Islamic leaders call them apostates. They are executed every day in the name of Islam.
In America our weak leaders from both sides of the aisle have let America down. They have let our children down. They are in the process of destroying the very fabric of America. Patriotic Americans will not allow America to be destroyed either from within or from the outer perimeters of our country.
We still have some politicians who love America, we have many military personnel from all ranks who love our country, and we have the millions more as we have described above who will stand tall for the country we love. Patriotic Americans are counting on our senior military leaders and politicians to defend America at all costs if required.
Patriotic Americans do not desire war. We understand children are often the victims of war, but we will not ‘stand down’ and allow our children’s future to be destroyed in the name of Islam. We may not have ‘boots on the ground’ in Syria or Iraq that could be used to protect innocent people in this area, but we have millions of ‘boots on the ground’ in America who will stomp the hell out of our enemies.
Patriotic Americans are thankful for the courageous leaders of Israel who give us hope. Americans have watched them for many years, and we know they will show the leadership style that must be copied by American leaders if we desire to protect our country from the evils of Islam.
One of your leading supporters is a man from Brooklyn, NY, who goes by the name of Imam Siraj Wahhaj. Wahhaj once told his followers that Muslims in America are the most strategically placed Muslims in the world. He further stated the bombs of the American government can’t reach them. Wahhaj is only partially right.
The American government will never bomb Islamic terrorists and their supporters in America, but Patriotic Americans will follow the U.S. Constitution and use all legal means to destroy each one of you who seek to conquer our land.
American Patriots do not have the minds and hearts of our weak leaders, we have the mindset and hearts of the people of Israel. The Jewish people understand the realities of what it is like to have an ideology founded that demands the annihilation of their people. Six million plus innocent Jews died in the name of Hitler’s ideology. These brave people did not give their lives in vein. Millions of people will be saved throughout the world because we have seen what an evil ideology can do. We will not allow history to repeat itself with the Jewish or Christian people in America.
God Bless America, and you have been forewarned not to underestimate the will of the American Patriots.

David Gaubatz is the author of Muslim Mafia. Go HERE to read the Infidel Task Force interview with David Gaubatz


More ISIS-inspired terrorism

In the liberal community, there is sympathy for good Muslims…
“What will it take to wake up the world? The answer to that question is a weapon of mass destruction used by Muslim terrorists. …We can expect more Muslim killers to cause destruction almost everywhere. This is not going to stop until the world unites against terrorism generated by Muslims.”

Click below to watch video




Muslim Terrorists Execute More than 700 Men and Boys

Now we know how ISIS has maintained control of such a large area since announcing their “caliphate.”

A new report from the Washington Post uncovers an ISIS massacre that took place in August, when ISIS thugs murdered more than 700 men and boys in response to an uprising. The Shaitat tribe was forced to sign a truce with ISIS after ISIS armed themselves with US weapons from Iraq and invaded their community.

One Shaitat fighter said, “we realized we had no hope. We were surrounded. We wanted to save our people.”


The Shaitat lived under the boot of ISIS for less than a month before things fell apart.

A tribesman was publicly beheaded, the violent act created an uproar in the town, and the locals banded together to push the ISIS terrorists out of their town. Their victory was short-lived. Soon the evicted terrorists returned with reinforcements and what happened next is one of the most disgusting chapters in the ISIS history books.

ISIS armyThe cost of turning against the Islamic State was made brutally apparent in the streets of a dusty backwater town in eastern Syria in early August. Over a three-day period, vengeful fighters shelled, beheaded, crucified and shot hundreds of members of the Shaitat tribe after they dared to rise up against the extremists.

By the time the killing stopped, 700 people were dead, activists and survivors say, making this the bloodiest single atrocity committed by the Islamic State in Syria since it declared its existence 18 months ago.

A photo essay on an Islamic State blog boasted of the different ways tribesmen were killed, including beheadings, mass shootings and a crucifixion. A video shows how the militants lined up scores of captives on a road, their hands bound, then set about clumsily decapitating them, one by one. The executioners, speaking in Tunisian, Egyptian and Saudi accents, taunted those not yet dead by swinging severed heads in front of their faces and telling them, “It’s your turn next.”

This is what the Islamic caliphate has wrought in Syria and Iraq. This is what happens when Islamic terrorists establish a theocracy … among their own people. What do you think would happen if they established one among us Westerners? The time to fight back against the Islamic scourge is now.

Islamic State Supporter Calls for the Killing Pamela Geller: “Anyone having opportunity kill her”

This isn’t funny anymore!!  Time to go to work people!! Watch your backs.

Stay safe Pamela!!

Much thanks to American Jihad Watcher who alerted me to this male ISIS supporter who posted a call for ‘killing Ms.Geller’ on his timeline on twitter about 8 hrs ago. The twitter account is @AmrArRumi – this threat has been shared on other accounts in Turkish language.

Much thanks to American Jihad Watcher who alerted me to this male ISIS supporter who posted a call for ‘killing Ms.Geller’ on his timeline on twitter about 8 hrs ago. The twitter account is @AmrArRumi – this threat has been shared on other accounts in Turkish language. – See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2014/10/islamic-state-supporter-calls-for-the-killing-pamela-geller-anyone-having-opportunity-kill-her.html/#sthash.na0MFnyr.dpuf

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 11.27.28 PM

His avatar is the one finger Islamic State salute. In the age of Obama, murderous Muslims are brazen and embolden.

What is the Obama administration doing to keep us safe from these savages?

He is running cover for Islam. The Islamic State is “not Islamic”.

And under Mayor de Blasio, the NYPD – when they are not dodging jihadists with axes — are busy pursuing fictitious “islamophobia” crimes at the command of haters and liars like Linda Sarsour.

Read and View the pix HERE

Stay safe Pamela!!

Islamic State Supporter Calls for the Killing Pamela Geller: “Anyone having opportunity kill her” – See more at: http://pamelageller.com/2014/10/islamic-state-supporter-calls-for-the-killing-pamela-geller-anyone-having-opportunity-kill-her.html/#sthash.na0MFnyr.dpuf


Please take a few moments to read this very powerful commentary by Don. It’s straight to the point and says everything we want to say.

Keep the following for future reference:

infidel -don laird   “If you think the significance of the West Edmonton Mall and its iconic nature has been lost on local Muslims in Alberta and Canada, think again.

Alberta, owing to the politically correct stupidity, gross incompetence and bumbling lack of professionalism as displayed by the RCMP and the police services of both Edmonton, Calgary and smaller municipalities, has become a Muslim jihadist farm team where Muslims are allowed to hone their skills of murder and terroism unfettered by law enforcement.

This presents a golden opportunity to the Muslim, an opportunity that will be taken advantage of.

A group of 4 to 12 Muslims could, with very basic training in fire discipline and marksmanship, armed with a few automatic weapons, some grenades, claymore mines or small homemade IED’s, wearing bullet-proof vests and using some basic communication devices, start in the West Edmonton Mall from 2 or 3 points.

(By the way, automatic weapons, grenades, anti-tank weapons, a variety of explosives are readily available in Canada)

The event would commence on a crowded Saturday or Sunday, preferably on a shopping day just before Christmas.

Several Muslims would wait outside, within a 2 to 12 city-block perimeter, of the West Edmonton Mall for the arrival of police. Once the police started to arrive they would lay down covering fire, sowing panic and confusion, the same would completely stop the advance of the police and emergency personnel. The help the unwitting shoppers/victims would so badly need in the next few hours, the help they would be praying for, would never arrive until many hours later, just in time to put the hopeful, now dead, into bags for the trip to a morgue. Just in time for a Muslim sympathetic media to arrive for some rare photo-opportunities.

The aim is to start a panic so killing would begin immediately.

The killing would be combined with the detonation of explosive devices at each of the start-points.

(Taking a page from Anders Bering Brevik’s tatics on Utoya Island in Norway, some of the Muslims would be wearing jackets that bore the word “police”, thereby gaining the momentary confidence of the terrified shoppers)

The result would create mass panic and with follow-up killings and detonations the shoppers would be herded into a central kill-zone. Once the panicked crowds converged on each other the Muslim, careful not to enter cross-fire zones, could commence the killing. The body-count of shoppers would be in the hundreds.

Many of the fallen shoppers would be still alive, badly wounded but still alive. This would present the Muslims with a rare and welcome opportunity to further strengthen their message of peace.

Being savvy users of social media the Muslims would take advantage of the opportunity for spreading their message to the world. Using iPhones and social media websites like FaceBook and Twitter, remaining shoppers would be executed on camera using a variety of methods.

Fathers would be kept alive, made to beg for the lives of their wives and children. It would be to no avail. The wives and children would be beheaded while the father watched, helpless. Then the father would be disemboweled and beheaded. Other women would be raped while their children watched and then they would be slaughtered. The manner of butchery would only be limited by the imagination of the Muslim.

The madness would continue for perhaps hours, Muslims raping and killing shoppers at their leisure, all of it simultaneously uploaded to the internet, all while the impotent police were held at bay outside the mall, pinned down in defiles by suppressing fire.

The images and video of this act of Muslim domination would spread like wildfire around the world.

It would make the mass murder at Westgate Mall in Nairobi, Kenya look like child’s play.

Once again, the Muslim and its Islam will have come to call.

It would be a bloodbath that our law enforcement agencies, our legal industry, our judiciary, our politicians and our Mainstream Media would have created.

Think the Muslim has missed the significance of the West Edmonton Mall?……….think again.

Mark my words.

Food for thought, catalyst for action,

Regards, Don Laird
Dogtown Bastard
Alberta, Canada


And before anybody gets their fuzzies in a cube, this is ONLY A JOKE!! Don Laird and the ITF do not suggest any violence whats so ever.  We just have a weird sense of humour, so fuck off CIA, DHS, or left wing media jerks.  -BBJ

Hello there……its me again………Don Laird……

Your No-Fee permit has arrived.

The time has long since passed to stop kidding ourselves, the time has come to stop being cowards.

Regards, Don Laird
Dogtown Bastard
Crankville County
Alberta, Canada


Memo from US Consulate refers to Jerusalem terror attack as ‘traffic incident’

American Leadership…  deaf, dumb, blind…..

deaf dumb blind    Notice issued hours after Palestinian drove his car into crowd of people at light rail station, killing baby girl; Consulate: No intention of downplaying attack.

Hours after a Palestinian terrorist drove his car into a crowd waiting at a light rail station in Jerusalem, the US consulate in the city issued a memo referring to the attack as a “traffic incident”.

A three-month-old baby was killed and seven other people were wounded when Abdel Rahman a-Shaludi drove his car across incoming traffic to strike the people waiting at the station. The baby girl, Chaya Zissel Braun, had American citizenship.

The memo was sent to employees of the American consulate, which is based in East Jerusalem. It asks staff to report “any emergency.”

Consulate officials said the statement had not intended to downplay the severity of the incident, and that its authors wanted to focus the employees’ attention and give warning of the protests. (Oh Bullshit!!)

City Councilman Randomly Asks Muslim-American Constituent If She Will Condemn Sharia Law

Oh Poor Poor Muslim lady….she is sooooo offended. If I asked the question, I would follow up with ….“Just answer the question!! Don’t give me a line of being offended. Answer the question, its not a hard one. A simple YES of NO will suffice.” -BBJ

victim card      A city councilman in Green Bay, Wisconsin is under fire for responding to a question about local buses from a Muslim-American woman by quizzing her about whether or not she condemns Islamic terrorism.

 Heba Mohammad, a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay and founder of the school’s Muslim Student Association (MSA), recently learned that her city’s bus system would not offer free travel on Election Day. Concerned, she sent an email to all 12 of Green Bay’s aldermen earlier this week asking if the city could provide complimentary transpiration to help poorer voters get to the polls.

Mohammad received responses from several City Council members about the issue, but an email from Alderman Chris Wery, who is in his 6th term in office, caught her off guard. After saying that her question about voting “deserves further research,” Wery proceeded to question Mohammad, who is Muslim-American, about whether or not she and UW-Green Bay’s MSA would condemn Hamas, Sharia law, and “militant Islamic ideology.”

“Thank you for the email,” Wery’s response read. “You pose an interesting question that deserves some further research. UWGB is my alma mater. I am just curious, you are the founder of the Muslim Student Association at UWGB? Across the country there seem to be some problems here and there with some MSA’s. I just want to be assured that your group in no way promotes or defends militant Islamic ideology or Sharia law. Do you and the MSA condemn both of those as well as terrorist groups such as HAMAS?”

An image of Wery’s email, posted to Facebook by Mohammad, is below:

temp10-24-1“My initial reaction was shock, then anger,” Mohammad told ThinkProgress in an email. “I was completely blindsided by [Wery’s] questions … It was worse in that he didn’t respond to my transportation inquiry in a sufficient manner, simply saying it deserved further research and not committing to doing that research. The part about denouncing terrorism was especially shocking because he was clearly making an assumption based on stereotypes.”

Read More HERE

…and please note…she never answers his question, and the libtards now call for his resignation. BULLSHIT!! The man has a set of balls!




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