Tide Begins to Turn Against ISIS: Report


U.S.-led airstrikes have largely halted the momentum of the jihadist group known as Islamic State, or ISIS, which swept across Iraq and Syria during the chaos of the Syrian Civil War this summer, according to a report in the Financial Times.

Unable to keep up the breakneck pace of its conquests over the summer, the group’s focus has shifted from fighting to governance. “Before they were seizing territory, forcing armies in Iraq and Syria to retreat,” Torbjorn Soltvedt, of a political risk analyst with a UK-based firm told FT. “Now they’re basically an occupying force trying to govern.”

It doesn’t seem to be going well. “Local fighters are frustrated — they feel they’re doing most of the work and the dying . . . foreign fighters who thought they were on an adventure are now exhausted,” an opposition activist from Syria’s eastern Deir Ezzor province told FT. The same activist said ISIS had executed 100 foreign fighters attempting to desert in the northern Syrian city of Raqqa.

As early as October, reports began surfacing of discontent among ISIS militants, who were reportedly tied to tanks and forced to fight.

The momentum may finally be shifting. Iraqi Kurdish forces claim to have broken the siege of Mt. Sinjar, which began eight months ago when ISIS fighters attempted to trap and kill members of the Yazidi ethno-religious minority group on the mountain.

‘Allahu Akbar’ attacker shot by French police

And another ones gone…..

And another ones gone…..

And another one bites the dust…..

Forensic police collect evidence inside Joue les-Tours' police station. Photo: 20 December 2014

Police in central France have shot dead a man who attacked them with a knife and shouted “Allahu Akbar!” (“God is great!”), French media report.

They quote a source as saying the attacker injured three police officers at Joue-les-Tours police station near the city of Tours before he was shot.

The assailant was a Burundi-born French national who had a criminal record, the source close to an investigation said.

Anti-terrorism investigators were now working at the scene, the source added.

In 2012, French Islamist Mohammed Merah killed seven people in the city of Toulouse. He was eventually killed after a 32-hour siege at his flat in the city.

At moderate mosques, a struggle with ‘invisible arm’ of Islamic State

Wow…a really truly  moderate muslim.  You don’t see these very often.

BERLIN - After the latest of his sermons denouncing Islamic State, Mohamed Taha Sabri stepped down from an ornate platform at the House of Peace mosque. The 48-year-old chief preacher then moved to greet his congregation, steeling himself for the fallout.

Soon, two young men — they are almost always young, but not always men — were calling him out. Only moments before, Sabri had derided the militants’ tactics, saying “it is not our task to turn women into slaves, to bomb churches, to slaughter people in front of cameras while shouting ‘God is great!’ “

One young man in a black leather jacket angrily chided him for challenging “Muslim freedom fighters.” His companion in a yellow shirt then chimed in: “What is your problem with the Islamic State? You are on the wrong path!”

“No,” said Sabri, embracing the surprised young men. “My brothers, you are the ones on the wrong path.”

In the era of Islamic State, the wrong path has become all-too-familiar ground at the House of Peace. Nestled between the kebab restaurants and bric-a-brac shops of an immigrant neighborhood in south Berlin, the liberal mosque stood for years as a temple of tolerance where battered Muslim women could find help divorcing their husbands and progressive imams preached a positive message of religious tolerance.  temp12-20-2

But as a ruthless brand of Islamic ideology radiates from the battlefields of the Middle East, the House of Peace has become a microcosm of the new fault lines developing inside countless mosques in the West. It illustrates the daily battle being fought against the militant group’s message by thousands of moderate religious leaders in Europe and beyond.

It is a fight that is sowing fresh divisions, and one the moderates do not always win. At least two youths who used to worship at the House of Peace — including Denis Cuspert, a former German rapper recently filmed holding the head of an enemy in an Islamic State video — have left to wage jihad in Syria and Iraq. Another former worshiper here — an 18-year-old female convert to Islam — is now actively making plans to travel to Syria with an Islamic State fighter.

Roughly 16 worshipers have stopped attending prayer services in protest of Sabri’s stance. Two others were banned from the mosque for spreading radical views. Surveillance cameras have been installed and unauthorized gatherings prohibited to thwart radical recruiters. One burly 20-year-old worshiper became so enraged with Sabri’s Friday sermons against Islamic State that he twice assaulted the slight preacher, once leaving him bleeding on the floor in need of emergency medical treatment.

“The Islamic State. It is like an invisible arm, coming to poison the wells where our children drink,” Sabri said. “We are losing something precious. We are losing our young people.”

Three weeks ago, Imam Ferid Heider, a part-time preacher and coordinator of a youth group at the House of Peace, received an anonymous note asking whether it is okay to kill Christians and Jews. Not long afterward, the author of the note — an 18-year-old woman who gave her name as Meryam — was wandering down a Berlin street with a journalist.

She wore a full Islamic covering known as a niqab, with only her green irises and pale skin visible through an eye slit. Even in a heavily Muslim neighborhood, she attracted the attention of passers-by. “Let them watch, I’m used to it,” she said dismissively. “I don’t care.”

Meryam is making plans to move to Syria with a Tunisian-born fighter for Islamic State. A friend of hers has told leaders at the House of Peace of her intentions, but so far, the friend has honored Meryam’s request not to reveal her identity to the mosque, whose leaders hope to stage a family intervention that might prevent her flight.

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U.N. asks Israel to pay Lebanon $850 mln for oil spill

If I was Netanyahu, I would tell Ban ki-Moon to go FU#K himself and Israel is leaving the united Nations. This is total BULLSHIT!! More and more, everyday I hear about Israel getting the sharp end of the stick. Enough!! Hamas started the war, let them make payment.

The U.N. General Assembly on Friday has adopted a resolution urging Israel to pay Lebanon over $850 million in damages for causing an “environmental disaster” during the July 2006 war.

As many as 170 countries voted in favor of the resolution, three abstained, and six countries: Israel, the United States, Canada, Australia, Micronesia and Marshall Islands voted “no.”

General Assembly resolutions are not legally binding but they do reflect world opinion. The United Nations has previously requested that Israel compensate Lebanon, but this is the first time that a monetary figure was set.

The resolution says “the environmental disaster” caused by the destruction of the tanks resulted in an oil slick that covered the entire Lebanese coastline and extended to the Syrian coastline, causing extensive pollution. (Send the muslims out to suck up the oil!!)

Israel’s U.N. Mission said in a statement late Friday that the resolution is biased against Israel.

“Israel Immediately responded to the oil slick incident by cooperating closely with the United Nations Environment Program, as well as other U.N. agencies and NGOs, addressing the environmental situation along the coast of Lebanon,” the statement reads. “This resolution has long outlived the effects of the oil slick, and serves no purpose other than to contribute to institutionalizing an anti-Israel agenda at the U.N..”

The assembly acknowledged the conclusions in an August report by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon that studies show the value of damage to Lebanon amounted to $856.4 million in 2014. It asked Israel to provide “prompt and adequate compensation.”

useless nations 1    The assembly also asked Ban to urge U.N. bodies and other organizations involved in the initial assessment to conduct a further study, building on the work conducted by the World Bank, to measure and quantify the environmental damage sustained by neighboring countries.

The resolution notes that “the secretary-general expressed grave concern at the lack of any acknowledgment on the part of the government of Israel of its responsibilities vis-a-vis reparations and compensation” to Lebanon and Syria for the oil spill.

It notes that Ban concluded that the spill is not covered by any international oil spill compensation funds and therefore recognizes “that further consideration needs to be given to the option of security the relevant compensation from the government of Israel.”

Lebanon’s U.N. Ambassador Nawaf Salam said his country considers the resolution to be “major progress” because it puts forward a figure for compensation, acknowledges the conclusions of the secretary-general’s report, and reaffirms the General Assembly’s commitment to justice.

“We affirm that Lebanon will continue to mobilize all resources and resort to all legal means to see that this resolution is fully implemented, and that the specified compensation is paid promptly,” Salam said.

ISIS Harvesting Organs To Sell On The Black Market … From Children

ISIS Harvesting Organs To Sell On The Black Market...From Children

The horrors of the Islamic State are unending and become more horrific day-by-day. Like the Ottoman Empire revived, ISIS is fulfilling the Mohammedan vision of establishing a world Caliphate by the sword, forcing all to convert to Islam or die for their infidelity.

Just as Muhammad beheaded children of the Banu Qurayza tribe, Muslim militants are slaughtering little ones to send a message that there will be absolute submission or blood.

According to one testimony, the heads of children slaughtered by ISIS insurgents were skewered and displayed in a park in Mosul, Iraq, a city with ancient Christian roots.

However, instead of meaningless killing, ISIS has found a way to turn the murder of thousands into a profitable business.

ISIS Harvesting Organs To Sell On The Black Market … From Children

While the terror army ISIS is making millions of dollars a day through its oil sales, it also is profiting from trafficking in human organs, according to a number of reports that have raised the issue in recent months.

Even while the reports concede firm figures are practically impossible to corroborate, the Al-Alam news source said the chief of forensic pathology at Damascus University told the Syrian al-Watan that there have been more than 18,000 organ trafficking cases in the northern part of Syrian in recent years.

The report from Hossain Noufel said many of the victims are children.

“Syrian people … are now dealing with organ traffickers who are slicing off their own share from the unfortunate Syrian families,” the report said.

And according to BioEdge, which monitors bioethics developments around the world, a physician from Mosul told the publication Al-Monitor that large-scale organ-harvesting is taking place in local hospitals and that ISIS “was reaping significant profits from the scheme.”

The sinister acts come after a survivor of an actual human slaughterhouse revealed disturbing details of the organ trafficking business, alleging that many victims were “still alive” while the butchers began to harvest their organs.

According to locals sources in Mosul, the money ISIS receives from organ sales is then distributed to fighters to encourage more recruits to join jihad.

The report also confirms that “Surgeries take place within a hospital and organs are quickly transported through networks specialized in trafficking human organs. Mosuli said that the organs come from fallen fighters who were quickly transported to the hospital, injured people who were abandoned or individuals who were kidnapped.”

While many are victims of ISIS, some have voluntarily sold their own organs. One source in Lebanon claimed that he sold his kidney for $5,000 cash on the black market.

The Islamic State has become the master of joining horror with profit, creating the most powerful, richest terrorist organization in the world.

Isis agents in London dispatching gullible teenage jihadi brides to Syria


This gives me an idea….get a group of guys with strong arms and “special” tools. Set up a meeting with the ISIS spies. Corner the spies, take them to an undisclosed location and use the “special” tools. Discard body parts in the Thames River.

Problem solved!!

Islamic State (Isis) militants, aided by a British-based intermediary, are offering to pay travel expenses to young and possibly good-looking British teenagers interested in joining the extremist group in Syria as jihadi brides.

Reporters posing as two teenage schoolgirls held regular conversations via social media with a jihadist in the Isis stronghold of Raqqa, northern Syria, for three months.

Upon showing interest in travelling to the self-styled caliphate, the two purported girls, aged 17 and 19, were told they would be given the money to pay for their trip from London to Syria via Turkey.

The sum was to be delivered via cash transfer to a Western Union branch in Sterling, and picked up by an Isis operative in the UK, who in turn was to hand it to the girls.

The investigation by The Times gave an insight into Isis’ use of social media and the extent of its worldwide reach to recruit young Muslim women in the West, with the aim of marrying them off to the group’s fighters.

Using mainstream social media such as Facebook, Twitter and Ask.fm, as well as instant messaging systems like Wickr and Kik, an Isis militant calling himself Abu Abbas al-Lubnani vetted and groomed the two purported girls over a three-month period, before finalising the money transfer.

‘Mujahideen like a good-looking wife’

The jihadist reassured them about the safety of their journey, claiming that thousands of Sunni hardliners travelled to Syria every month without encountering difficulties.

He also asked the girls to provide him with a series of personal details, including a description of their appearance.

“Sorry but I need to know if ur good looking, the colours of your skin,” Lubnani told the undercover reporter. “Usually mujahideen don’t request a beauty queen, but they like to have a good-looking wife.”

He finally agreed to send over cash to Western Union branch without security cameras in London. The girls were to wait near the premises while an Isis middleman picked up the money for them.

“The brother has a wife they can pick up from a certain place that doesn’t have a camera then give you the money in their car,” al-Lubnani wrote.

The day of the meeting a white man appearing to be Muslim convert showed up at the given location accompanied by a woman in a burka.

To check this was the correct couple, The Times reporter changed the exact location of the “girls” several times in the space of a few minutes and set out the details in messages to the Lubnani messenger account. Each time the pair moved to the new location,” the newspaper wrote.

Realising they were being watched the pair left, the paper said, adding that Counter-terrorism police are aware of the investigation.

An increasing number of women, including dozens of Britons, are believed to have joined Isis in Syria and Iraq over the last 12 months.

Taliban threaten to kill politicians’ kids next

In Islam…the killing of children is “justified”….SAVAGES ALL!

temp12-20-1   NEW DELHI: After the gruesome killing of children in Peshawar this week, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan has warned the Nawaz Sharif government that it will start eliminating children of politicians, including Sharif’s family, and army officers if the Pakistan government keeps its commitment to hang militants owing allegiance to the terror outfit.

“We, in light of Islamic teaching, consider the killing of the children of army personnel as justified…”

The warning came in the form of a letter, written apparently by Mohammed Kharasani, believed to be a top commander of Tehrik-e-Taliban chief Mullah Fazlullah. It was received by Pakistan authorities on Friday evening. TOI has access to the letter.

Top sources said they were trying to verify if the letter was genuine. The letter justified the killing of young children saying the kids were committed to following in the footsteps of their parents.

While the letter doesn’t mention India, it is still of interest as one of those facing death sentence in Pakistan is Omar Sheikh, one of the terrorists released in the Kandahar hijacking and also the killer of Daniel Pearl.

The letter says that if any incarcerated terrorist is killed, TTP will take revenge by killing more young children. “Let us make it clear to Pakistan establishment that if any of our associates is harmed, we will avenge ourselves by targeting your children. We would ensure that houses of army generals and political leaders become centers of mourning,” said the letter.

It accused the Pakistan government of falling prey to the designs of the army and ISI when what was required was a reform of these institutions. “Why the human rights organizations, which are not aware of the reasons of the attack on Army Public School, silent on this decision of the infidel government. We, in light of Islamic teaching, consider the killing of the children of army personnel as justified as they are not opposing the anti-Islam role of their parents and are committed to follow the path of their parents. We are giving an open invitation of debate to religion leaders who are issuing decrees in favour of the government.”





savages1aPakistan cleric says anti-Taliban fight ‘un-Islamic’

fake islam flag

Islamabad (AFP) - The head of a hardline Islamabad mosque Friday called an army offensive against the Taliban “un-Islamic” and said the militants’ massacre of 133 children was in retaliation for air strikes against them.

(Oh well…THAT makes it OK then!! Its OK that 133 innocent children are slaughtered because of “air strikes”. See what kind of SAVAGES these bastards are?! That’s how they take care of their children. THAT’S how much they value the lives of their families. I wait for the day when some valiant muslim post a video on Youtube showing hanging bodies of clerics, all in a row. One after another . With signs on each one, stating “I was a vicious, cowardly, savage child killer.”) -BBJ

The Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), claimed the assault as revenge for an ongoing military offensive against its strongholds in the tribal northwest.

Maulana Abdul Aziz told worshippers at the Red Mosque he “shared the grief” of the victims’ families but said the TTP’s response was understandable.

  baseball bat“O rulers, O people in power, if you will commit such acts, there will be a reaction,” he said.

The army has killed more than 1,700 suspected militants since June in operations against bases of TTP and other militants in North Waziristan and Khyber tribal areas.

In the wake of the Peshawar attack the army has pledged to redouble its efforts to wipe out the scourge of militancy, but Aziz condemned their struggle.

“This operation in the North Waziristan is un-Islamic,” he said.

“You may debate it, you may call scholars from abroad, from India and Bangladesh, I will go before them and prove it that this operation is un-Islamic.”

The Red Mosque, which stands a stone’s throw from the parliament buildings in the centre of the capital, was the scene in 2007 of a week-long military siege against radicals which left more than 100 people dead.

The scale of the Peshawar attack and the fact the victims were almost all children has horrified Pakistan and prompted many to demand action against Taliban sympathisers, including radical preachers.

savage Pakiman1  But a civil society protest outside the Red Mosque on Friday afternoon was broken up by police, while members of a hardline group were allowed to stage their own demonstration nearby.

Earlier this month female students affiliated with the Red Mosque issued a video statement praising the Islamic State group and calling on it to avenge the death of Osama bin Laden. (In praise of savages)

The women belong to the Jamia Hafsa seminary which in April named its library in honour of the slain Al-Qaeda leader.


Australian Police Kill Muslim Jihadi While Sydney’s Islamic Community Feigns Shock

 Here is an idea for the Islamic leaders:  stop killing non-Muslims or be prepared for a real backlash.

   http://blog.understandingthethreat.com/wp-content/uploads/2014/12/Monis.jpgAustralian Police stormed a cafe in Sydney today (Dec 15) killing an Iranian Sunni Muslim who had taken hostages and made demands, ending the siege which began yesterday.

This incident is instructive in so many ways because of:  (1) the language used by all sides to describe the perpetrator – Man Haron Monis (a Jihadi); (2) attempts by the media to differentiate Monis from the broader Muslim community which claims he was completely “unknown” to them;  (3) what Monis said and did, which is being interpreted through a Western lense instead of the Islamic lens (Sharia);  and (4) the immediate response from the Islamic community in Australia, which is calling for more concessions from Australia for Muslims at the same time one of it’s own killed people in the non-Muslim community.  This last note is the exact same response we always see around the world when a Muslim kills a soldier in Arkansas, beheads people anywhere, blows up a bomb in Boston, shoots and kills soldiers at Fort Hood, or any of a number of other events in recent memory.  Muslims kill, then demand more concessions and call for protection from the oncoming “backlash” which, oddly enough, never comes.

The Language We Use to Describe the Enemy

At the outset, let us all be reminded that the filter through which Islamic jihadis speak, communicate and understand words is SHARIA (Islamic Law).  So when they speak, the words they use, although they may be in English, cannot be interpreted the way we understand those words in the West.  We must use Sharia as the filter through which we understand these words.  As an example, when Muslim leaders say they “condemn terrorism” they are not lying as some have suggested.  “Terrorism” as Islam understands it is to “kill a Muslim without right.”   Under Sharia, Western troops are, in fact, terrorists when killing Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan or elsewhere.  This is an important fact for our military and law enforcement leadership to know when local Imams decry terrorism, because it does not represent a friendly move towards us or our position.  In Sharia, it is lawful for a Muslim to be killed in only a few instances, most notably when he or she leaves Islam (Apostacy).  In this case, if the Muslim refuses to return to Islam he/she must be “immediately killed.” (Um Dat al Salik, Book O Justice, o8.2)

The Prime Minister of Australia – Tony Abbott – referring to the siege in Sydney, said it is “profoundly shocking” that a man would take “innocent” hostages like this, and was unsure of the motive for this attack.  How shocking is it that a Muslim cleric who recently converted from Shia to Sunni Islam would participate in jihad since it is not only an obligation in Islam until the world is under the rule of Sharia, but is the sixth right of pure worship between man and Allah.  Jihad is not a “pillar” of Islam because when the entire world is under Sharia, the need for jihad goes away.  There is no such thing as a “version” of Islam that does not include this requirement.

Only Muslims are “innocent” under Islamic Law (sharia),

How does Islam define “innocent” people?  Only Muslims are “innocent” under Islamic Law (sharia), so, according to Sharia none of those hostages were “innocent” therefore they can always be killed by a Muslim jihadi.

Many in the news media have been quick to call Man Haron Monis a “lone wolf” a “radical Muslim Cleric” or (this one I love) a “violent extremist,” which means absolutely nothing at all.  Are these accurate statements?  Is there such a thing in Sharia as a “lone wolf?”  The answer to both questions is a resounding ‘No.’  As a matter of fact, the Law of Jihad in Sharia defines ‘Individual Jihad’ and provides the requirements for it.  Individual Jihad is the kind of jihad we have seen at places like Fort Hood, Little Rock Arkansas, Wichita, New York City, and elsewhere.  Australia’s leaders and media use phrases like “lone wolf” and “radical Muslims” because these are the phrases fed to them by the leaders of the Islamic community, most of whom are Muslim Brotherhood/Salafis, as is true in most other nations in the West.

Watering Down Monis’ Actions

It is also interesting to witness the Australian media bending over backwards to distance Man Haron Monis’ actions from “true Islam” because “no religion supports violence” as world leaders continue to say – which is contrary to a factual analysis of Sharia (Islamic doctrine).  In fact, 100% of all published Sharia mandates jihad until the entire world is under the rule of Islam and Islamic Law (Sharia), and 100% of all published authoritative Sharia only defines “jihad” as ‘warfare against non-Muslims.”  These are statements of fact with cannot be contradicted factually or by any Islamic doctrine.  Therefore, Islamic doctrine not only condones violence, it mandates it.

SydneyBlackFlag  When hostages were made to hold the black flag of jihad in the window of the cafe in which they were being held by Monis, many news organizations reached out to their “Muslim experts” to help us all understand what this could mean.  The most absurd of these was the UK’s Guardian which quoted Aftab Malik, a “high level expert” working for with the UN, who stated “It has no politically dominant or ideological meaning.  It only has a spiritual meaning.”  Friends, this is a lie.

This is the same man who blames Australia’s jihadi threat on those who essentially speak truth about Islam.

The black flag of jihad contains the Shahada in Arabic, which is the statement of conversion into Islam.  It is the flag which has been used by jihadis since the earliest days of Islam.  To disconnect this flag from Jihad is to be disconnected from reality.


The leading Islamic organizations in Australia (read: Salafists/Muslim Brotherhood) are calling for help and protection against the backlash directed at the Islamic community, and even offered up the story that a Muslim woman was harassed in light of the cafe siege in Sydney.  It appears the intellectual honesty is completely gone when it comes to these matters.

I believe if we put the facts on the table of what Islam commands from its adherents, as well as the fact that the leading Islamic organization are a part of the global Islamic Movement led by the Muslim Brotherhood, and then we tally up the hundreds of thousands of people killed around the world in the last 10 years by Muslims, it gets a little tough to sympathize with people in the Muslim community getting harassed.

Here is an idea for the Islamic leaders:  stop killing non-Muslims or be prepared for a real backlash.

Supporters of Freedom of Speech, Democracy, Individualism and Womens Rights around the world. We are against Radical Islam and the terror it brings.