Bill Clinton Reveals anti-Israel Sentiment and Proves Palestinians Don’t Care About Peace

clinton1Former President Bill Clinton was with Tom Harkin (D-IA) at a fundraiser for Iowa Democrats this past weekend when he got into a conversation about what should be done in Israel. A Harkin supporter advocated that America should FORCE Israel into a peace with the terrorist organization Hamas and the Palestinian people – to which Clinton agreed. However, after a bit of anti-Israel propagandizing, the former President also revealed some truth… the Palestinians don’t really care about peace.

Q: If we don’t force him to have peace, we won’t have peace.

clintonCLINTON: First of all, I agree with that. But in 2000, Ehud Barak, I got him to agree to something I’m not sure I would have gotten Rabin to agree to, and Rabin was murdered for giving land to the Palestinians.

Q: I agree. But Netanyahu is not the guy.

CLINTON: I agree with that, but they [the Palestinians] would have gotten 96% of the West Bank, land swaps in Gaza, appropriate water rights and East Jerusalem, something that hasn’t even been discussed since I left office. And by the way, don’t forget, both Arafat and Abbas later said they would take it: “We changed our minds, we’ll take it now.” But by then the Israeli government wouldn’t give it to them.

Over the years Israel has made some very good offers to the Palestinian leadership in their near-constant quest for peace… and all of their efforts have been in vain.

Two nations – Israel and Palestine. One of them is a democratic Western nation that enjoys freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and many other Western civil liberties. The other is run by a terrorist organization that kills apostates, does not allow Christians, Jews or any non-Muslim to worship freely, has no freedom of speech or dissent and has routinely forced their own people to stand near rocket launchers as human shields.

And we still have people who say Israel is the bad guy. Disgusting.


Britain growing increasingly anti- Semitic

By Lloyd Levy

Lloyd LevyLONDON, England –I actually never thought I would have to write an article like this, from the green and pleasant land of England. However it is becoming quite frightening to be a Jew in UK.  What is so remarkable is how quickly it all appears to have happened.  One can now start to experience what it must have been like in parts of Europe under Nazi threat, when friends and neighbours suddenly and without warning, turn on you because you are Jewish.

In the last week or so alone, we have seen the London Tricycle Theatre banning the annual JEWISH film festival, which is one of the most important Jewish events of the calendar. The famous Edinburgh Fringe arts festival has also banned Israeli connected theatre groups.

We have the Parliamentary Member from Bradford, a large town in Yorkshire, announcing his town to be “Israeli” free, as well as reading that a leading Scottish Nationalist has apparently declared that an independent Scotland will be “Israeli free.” None of us are surely naive enough to not understand that in practice it means Judenfrei, unless individual Jews renounce their loyalty to Israel.

Leading Supermarkets and kosher shops in London and Manchester have been invaded and ransacked by anti Israel terrorists, threatening staff and customers. The supermarkets have succumbed to this terrorism, with rumours swirling around that they are soon to stop selling all Israeli products. Only a day or two ago, a major supermarket in Central London, actually took all kosher prtemp9-17ddoducts off the shelf.  Think about that- all Jewish products banned, many not even from Israel at all.

Over 100,000 people marched through London recently in an anti Israel and anti Jewish orgy of sheer hatred.

I know people whose friends are putting the most hideous anti-Semitic rantings on their “Facebook” pages.

Our Jewish so called leaders have seriously let us down.  I personally haven’t seen nor read any leading member of our Jewish representative bodies, or rabbis, standing up in public for our community .

This is not a good time to be a Jew in Britain. Apparently in France it is far worse.. We are being cowed and terrorised by home grown anti-Semites, and by imported ones.

Only in the last few days have some of the leading newspaper columnists begun to wake up to the hatred they have themselves stirred up by their coverage of Gaza, replete with its ancient Jewish blood libel of deliberate child murder. In the Middle Ages we were accused of murdering children, and not much seems to have changed over the centuries..

Natan Sharansky said recently that Europe is death to Jews, and he is so correct.  History shows that anything can generate the hatred. If it wasn’t Gaza it would be something else.

Levy is a freelance writer who divides his time between London and Eilat, Israel.  He may be contacted via

Man accused of trying to aid Islamic State group



ROCHESTER, New York (AP) — An upstate New York man accused of plotting to kill members of the U.S. military and others faces new charges that he tried to aid the Islamic State group in Syria and Iraq.

Mufid Elfgeeh, 30, of Rochester, was indicted by a federal grand jury on three counts of attempting to provide material support and resources to the group that has been designated by the U.S. as a foreign terrorist organization, federal prosecutors said Tuesday.

According to court documents, Elfgeeh tried to assist three individuals in traveling to Syria to join and fight with the extremist group in 2013 and early 2014. Prosecutors said two of the individuals were cooperating with the FBI.

“Disrupting and holding accountable those who seek to provide material support to foreign terrorist organizations is and shall remain a critical national security priority,” said Assistant Attorney General for National Security John Carlin.

Elfgeeh was arrested earlier this year by members of the FBI’s Rochester Joint Terrorism Task Force after federal authorities said he bought two handguns and two silencers as part of a plot to kill members of the U.S. armed forces returning from war, as well as Shiite Muslims in the Rochester area.

The investigation included linking Elfgeeh’s home computer to tweets from alias Twitter accounts expressing support for al-Qaida, violent holy war and Sunni insurgent groups in Syria, according to court papers.

The FBI said it had been investigating Elfgeeh, a naturalized U.S. citizen from Yemen, since early last year.

Information on Elfgeeh’s lawyer was not immediately available.

SIS Using Christian Homes in Mosul As Factories for Explosive Devices

 Maybe this guy doesn’t like his neighbors and is trying to get the house bombed. HEY!! I wonder if that would work with  my neighbor.
A Christian home in the Noor neighborhood in Mosul.

(AINA) – A number of Mosul residents have said that ISIS has turned Christians homes into factories for improvised explosive devices (IEDs) and car bombs. In interviews with, residents confirmed that ISIS are now searching for Christians homes containing hiding places and shelters, since they are expecting ground forces backed by the Iraqi government to begin clearing operations in the city. A resident said ISIS is using a Christian home in the Hadbaa neighborhood for manufacturing IEDs. He sees them on a daily basis as they bring welding machines to the house and install various extensions to cars. Another resident said that many ISIS terrorists are using a house belonging to a Christian who used to work in the Nineveh Province as their headquarters, engaging in welding and blacksmith projects. He sees many cars that come on and go, including pickup trucks full of mortar rounds and explosives with exposed wires.

Muslim rebels in Philippines vow allegiance to IS

It seems all the radical Islamic groups are joining forces.  And many non-radicals are joining as well, not to forget the ISIS supporters. I guess this is the start of WW3,  -BBJ

temp9-17aClick above to watch video

A video is doing the rounds which shows members of the Abu Sayyaf pledging allegiance to the Islamic State, also known as ISIS or ISIL. Another armed group in the Southern Philippines, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, has offered its support to ISIL. A few other clips of Filipino Muslims vowing loyalty to ISIL – including one supposedly shot inside a high security prison – have been making the rounds on the Internet. There are reports that about a hundred young Filipino Muslims have joined the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, two of whom were allegedly killed in battle.

The Philippines military has long battled Muslim extremists in the country’s South. The Al Qaeda-linked Abu Sayyaf group for instance,, has been blamed for some of the deadliest bombings and high profile kidnappings. The question now is whether the rise and influence of ISIL are presenting new challenges.

However, Philippines military says, there is no direct evidence, so far, of ISIL recruitment in the country. If Filipino Muslims have indeed joined the ranks of ISIL, however, it wouldn’t be the first time. In their early years, members of the Abu Sayyaf trained and fought with Afghan militants.

And while at least two radical Western Islamists have managed to enter the country, they’ve been arrested and deported, a sign both the government and analysts say that it may be a long way before ISIL becomes an imminent threat to the Philippines.

Netanyahu: ‘We’ve Seen This Before. There’s a Master Race; Now There’s a Master Faith’



netenyahu  ( – In a speech on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu compared Islamist terrorist groups such as ISIS, Hamas and Hezbollah to Nazis: “We know this. We’ve seen this before. There’s a master race; now there’s a master faith.”

“The tactics are uniform. Terror first of all against your own people,” Netanyahu told attendees at the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism’s (ICT) 14th annual conference held at Herzliya, an Israeli technology center located about six miles north of Tel Aviv.

“There’s a master race; now there’s a master faith. And that allows you to do anything to anyone, but first of all to your own people and then to everyone else,” Netanyahu continued, in a reference to Nazi ideology stemming from Adolf Hitler’s belief, detailed in his speeches and writings, that Aryans were the “master race.”

Click below to watch video

temp9-17“And what do you do to everyone else? For that you use new techniques. And the new techniques involve first of all, taking over civilian populations, putting yourself inside civilian areas, contravening the laws of war and the Geneva Convention; using your people as human shields, the same people you execute; and then firing indiscriminately at civilians. You hide behind civilians, you fire on civilians. And you fire rockets and missiles.

“And this creates a whole new set of problems. And these problems are born of the fact that it’s much harder to fight this kind of terror – much harder. It’s much easier to fight an army: tanks, artillery, command centers, open spaces. You destroy that, you destroy the army. End of war.

“But these people, because they’re forcing you to face up to the moral limits that democracies obey, are basically forcing you to fight a new war.”

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A HUGE thank you to Jane Act4America CT Chapter

The  future of freedom is close to the tipping point. If such a small minority is causing so many problems, how does the establishment think things will be when the demographic doubles? Or maybe their thinking stops at the podium.

Short termism is the reason for inaction so political parties kick the can further down the road and bury their heads in the sand hoping it will go away. They are just firefighting using the security services to try and keep the fanatics at bay, whilst constantly appeasing due to being in hock to the evil Saudi regime through oil money. Islam will NOT go away and the world is in for a whole lot of pain due to this insidious cult in the not too distant future. God help the young of our countries.

Rise Up Australia campaign launch attacks Islamic law

"I call Islam the death cult": Rise Up Australia leader Danny Nalliah at the launch of the party's Victorian election campaign.

“I call Islam the death cult”: Rise Up Australia leader Danny Nalliah at the launch of the party’s Victorian election campaign. Photo: Penny Stephens

Maverick MP Geoff Shaw and UK climate sceptic Lord Christopher Monckton are expected to join forces and attend a campaign meeting for a hard-right Christian party.

Rise Up Australia’s firebrand leader Danny Nalliah said he recently spoke to Mr Shaw and the balance-of-power MP would attend a party meeting in Frankston this weekend.

It comes as the anti-Islam party and the independent MP work to strike a preference deal ahead of November’s state election.

A supporter at the party's campaign launch.

“We will be preferencing each other,” Mr Nalliah told The Age.

“I have known Geoff for 10 years. He says it as it is. I feel the treatment of him has been unfair.”

A spokesman for Mr Shaw said he was unable to make any comment.

On Monday, Mr Nalliah launched the party’s Victorian election campaign, declaring that Islam was a “death cult”.

The flag-waving gathering at St Kilda town hall attracted an ethnically diverse crowd of about 100, with supporters from India, China, Hungary and Malaysia united by their fear of Islam.

There was lots of rising up – for prayers, rounds of applause and the singing of the national anthem.

Australian flags swayed as the crowd sang the party’s theme song.

Mr Nalliah, who is president of the Catch the Fire Ministries and previously blamed the Black Saturday bushfires on the state’s abortion laws, spoke out against sharia law and said he loved Muslims but not their religion.

“Tony Abbott, our prime minister called the ISIS group in Iraq and Syria a death cult. I go one step further. I call Islam the death cult.”

“We are not against people coming into this country … but if you come here, embrace our way of life,” Nalliah told the crowd.

Mr Nalliah, who made a failed bid for a seat in the senate at last year’s federal election, said the party’s state election platform would focus on helping the depressed, minimising alcohol and drug use and protecting the “traditional family unit of father, mother and children”.

He called for the reintroduction of corporal punishment in schools and “non-abusive” guidelines for disciplining children.

The party will field 40 candidates at the state election

The event’s guest of honour, Lord Christopher Monckton, said: “In the Rise Up Australia Party there is no such thing as political correctness.”

He also slammed Victorian’s abortion laws, which he said were akin to torture and subjected children to pain.

The controversial speaker also criticised politicians who pulled out of the right-wing World Congress of Families event in Melbourne last month, saying they had bowed to media pressure.

He said privately, politicians were lining up to organise preference deals with Rise Up’s leader.

Socially conservative parties Rise Up Australia Party, the Australian Christians and the DLP – who are all vying for upper house seats at the upcoming state election – signed an agreement last month to direct preferences to one other. They also vowed to help candidates who share similar views, particularly around abortion, which they oppose. Rise Up Australia will also run candidates in marginal lower house seats, including Frankston.

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